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Wedding Bands for him

Tricolor wedding ring

Wedding Bands for him

Celtic Ring /Claddagh

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Three Stone Diamond Rings

About Highglow Jewellers

Over the last 35 years, Highglow Jewellers has been synonymous with design, innovation, exquisite craftsmanship and quality. Specializing in all types of precious metals and offering a wide range of products stretching from budget minded items to the most extravagant pieces available in Canada.

Our devotion to quality means we personally select and import only the best and most pure jewellery from Asia. As well our in house jewellers have years of experience in shaping the most precious pieces of metal into intricate works of art.

Decades of being in business also means we have one of the most comprehensive Gold and Diamond Exchange programs in the country. Capable of weighing and valuing your old jewellery on the spot we have the fastest turn around and offer the highest payout of any jeweller.

Gold & Diamond Exchange Rates vs Others

20-140% More than Money Mart
50-165% More than Cash for Gold
40-150% More than Coin Dealers
40-300% More than Pawn Shops


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